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Parent Handbook

Cub Scout Pack 55
is an Outreach Ministry of
Second Presbyterian Church
and is affiliated with the
Quapaw Area Council,
Boy Scouts of America.

April 29, 2021
Dear Parents:

Welcome to Pack 55. We're so glad you've chosen to enroll or re-enroll your son in our Pack. I know that you and he will be so glad you did. We've planned an exciting year and your son will have a great time learning, advancing and playing.

The Pack Leaders in Pack 55 seek to provide activities which provide opportunity for physical fitness and educational value. Many of our planned activities can be enjoyed by every member of a Cub Scout's family.

Scouting places significance on Duty to God and Pack 55 is firmly committed to teaching this important responsibility. Pack 55 is open to all boys regardless of their church home. If, however, you've come our Pack without a church home, we encourage you to find a church home where you and your family are comfortable.
This booklet will provide an overview of our program. If you have questions or concerns about our program or leaders, please call on one of us or your son's Den Leader.

At the end of this booklet is a Parent / Boy information sheet. Please complete it and give it to your son's Den Leader at his next meeting.

Thanks again and Welcome!

In Scouting,

Nick Livers, Cubmaster

Bill Neal, Pack Committee Chair

Pack 55 Mission

The Committee and Leaders of Cub Scout Pack 55 are committed to providing a quality, year-round program of Cub Scouting activities. Special emphasis is placed on character development, spiritual grown, citizenship and family.

Cub Scouts are required to memorize the following oath and law. We seek to make them real in their lives and hope that you will encourage your son as he strives to do so.


Scout Oath (or Promise)

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly,
courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty,
brave, clean, and reverent.



Purposes of Cub Scouting

The Boy Scouts of America began Cub Scouting as a program for younger boys 100 years ago. The purposes of Cub Scouting state that Parents, Leaders and Organizations work together to achieve the following:

1. Influence the development of character and encourage spiritual growth;
2. Develop habits and attitudes of good citizenship;
3. Encourage good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and body;
4. Improve understanding within the family;
5. Strengthen the ability to get along with and to respect others;
6. Foster a sense of personal achievement b developing new interest and skills;
7. Show how to be helpful and to do one's best;
8. Provide fun and exciting new things to do;
9. Prepare Cubs to become Boy Scouts.

Pack Structure

Like every effective organization, Cub Scout Packs have a structure. Understanding this structure and how it works will increase your son's enjoyment of the program (and leave the parent far less confused).


Groups of 8 to 10 boys meet weekly together as a Den. Each den is led by a Den Leader and an Assistant Den Leader. A Boy Scout, known as a Den Chief, may also work with your son's den. Dens in Pack 55 meet on Monday evenings from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. year-round. Den meetings are not held during holiday periods or when they conflict with a church events. Den meetings are also canceled anytime Second Presbyterian Church is closed on Monday evenings due to weather or schedule change.

Dens are organized by age groups. We have one or more Dens for each group of 1st Graders (Tiger Cubs) , 2nd Grades (Wolf) , 3rd Graders (Bear), 4th Graders (Webelos - 1st yr.) and 5th graders (Webelos - 2nd yr.). See the Membership Notes section for more details.


The Pack consists of the Dens and their Families. Pack 55 meets monthly and for special activities. The Pack serves as a "parent" organization to the dens and provides direction, program support and maintenance of the budget. The Pack is led by the Cubmaster. He plans and directs monthly pack meetings and other special activities.


The Pack Committee consists of representatives from each Den and other volunteer adults who are charged with managing he pack and its programs. Parents are encouraged to volunteer to serve on the committee and attend regular meetings. Meeting dates are shown on the Pack Calendar. The Pack Committee Chairman, along with the Cubmaster, leads the group in planning and organizing the Pack program. The Committee is also responsible for maintaining Pack funds and planning its budget. A copy of the budget is available for interested parents.

Second Presbyterian Church

Every Cub Scout Pack must have a sponsor. Pack 55's sponsor is Second Presbyterian Church. All leaders are approved by the Church.

Membership Notes

Boys age 6 years (1st Grade) to 10 years are eligible to join Pack 55. Boys work toward a specific rank during each year in the Pack:

Kindergarten boys are Lion Cubs
First Grade boys are Tiger Cubs
Second grade boys work toward their Wolf Rank
Third grade boys work toward their Bear Rank
Fourth grade boys are Webelos and work on their Webelos rank
Fifth grade boys are second year Webelos and work on Cub Scouting's highest award, the Arrow of Light

Regardless of church affiliation, boys are welcome to attend church functions and participate in Pack programs. Your family is welcome to attend services and join us if you don't have a church home or if you're looking for a new place to serve and worship.


With participatation in either the popcorn or chocolate fund raising events, registration for membership in Pack 55 will be $75.00 for the first boy in the Pack and $60.00 for the second boy in the same family. The registration fee pays for registration with the Boy Scouts of America, unit insurance, an annual subscription to Boys Life magazine, and helps to pay for the awards and supplies for each boy. This "once a year fee" also avoids the hassles of weekly dues. Boys must, during his first year in the Pack, complete a registration form for the Boy Scouts of America. Parents are also asked to complete a parent / boy registration blank to provide some additional information to the Den Leader.


Should fees or any costs become a problem for your family, please contact the Cubmaster or the Pack Committee Chairman. Scholarships are available and all requests will remain confidential.


Parent volunteers are always needed. Registration and training are provided by the Pack for those who are interested in helping. If you'd like to help in any capacity, please contact the Pack Committee Chairman, Cubmaster or your son's Den Leader. All types of help are needed - driving for trips, assisting in Den Leader absence, etc. Remember that Cub Scout Packs don't exist without volunteer leadership and do your part when asked.


An essential component of Cub Scouting is the uniform. Cubs are made to feel part of a group and have a place to display their awards when they wear their uniforms. Your Den Leader will provide you with specific information about what is needed. All uniform items can be purchased at the Scout Shop located in the offices of the Quapaw Area Council (at the base of Cantrell Hill).

Pack Program Highlights

Pack 55 plans a very busy calendar year. Although we don't expect every boy to attend every function, we encourage him to be as active as he (and his parents') wants to be. Pack outings and special events will be led by two or more leaders and parent volunteers. Permission slips will be sent home for outings and special events. Boys without signed permission slips will not be allowed to leave the church property. We'll do our best to help you remember but please make every effort to help us. Leaving a boy behind is something we and the boys hate to have happen.

Program Calendar

The Pack Calendar is the current calendar of events for Pack 55. We realize that boys and families have different needs and we've attempted to plan a program that meets as many needs as possible. It is not expected that each boy will attend each and every event. Please note that dates are subject to change as we get closer to events. Announcements of special events and calendar updates will come home with the boys from Den meetings or in the mail. If you have suggestions for our program, please let a Leader know. Our major calendar planning is done in April and May and you are welcome to attend our planning session.

Pack Meetings

Monthly Pack Meetings are held on the third Monday evening from 7:00 to 8:00. We attempt to keep these meetings to one hour in length. The meeting gives the boys a chance to demonstrate the skills they have learned and receive the awards they've earned. The entire family is welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Education Programs

Several times each year Cub Scouts may participate in missions education activities. These activities could include information about world hunger or other issues. These will typically coincide with church mission emphasis activities. These programs help demonstrate the work by others and teach our Scouts about Duty to God.

God & Country Program

The Pack sponsors religious education programs for boys of Baptist or Protestant faiths. The programs are divided by age group. Boys in the first, second and third grades earn the God & Me award. Boys in the fourth and fifth grade earn the God & Family award. Classes for both programs are held on six consecutive Sundays beginning in February. The dates are shown on the Pack Calendar. More information and registration will be provided later in the year. Boys of non-Baptist, non-Protestant faiths are encouraged to earn the award designed for their faith. The Pack will provide, at no cost, the materials needed and purchase the award for the boy.

Blue & Gold Banquet

Pack 55 and Cub Scout Packs all over the USA celebrate Scouting's birthday each February by hosting a Blue & Gold Banquet. Our banquet is held on Friday evening and is followed by a special Pack Meeting. Families are asked to bring a covered dish. The Pack provides the main dish and the boys make the decorations. Mark this special date on your calendar and make plans to attend.

Fund Raising

Twice each year the boys of Pack 55 participate in fund raising activities. We sell Trails End Gourmet Popcorn in the Fall and Camp Cards in the Spring. Prizes are awarded to top sellers and top selling dens. Funds raised from these two activities go to defray Pack program expenses. All boys are encouraged to participate but Parents may choose otherwise. We always want to respect the wishes of the parents without making the boy feel bad for not participating. Please don't hesitate to let us know what you want.

Scouting for Food

Several times during the year, our boys will help local food banks by distributing empty bags at the end of the morning worship service and collecting them filled with donated food at the beginning of the evening worship service. Boys who are members of other churches are certainly welcome to help but are not expected to miss their own services.

Special Programs

The Pack plans a variety of other special programs that assist the boys in advancing and provide an opportunity for a good time. These events may be hikes, tours, or service projects. As mentioned before, parents and other family members are almost always invited to attend.

Council and District Activities

Several events are scheduled by the local council (Quapaw Area) and our District (Pioneer - serving West Little Rock). Pack 55 participates in the Council's Scout Expo in early Spring. Mom-n-Me, Dad & Lad, Cub Family Weekends and Cub Day Camp are sponsored by the District and Council. Some of these events may be held at the Council's Cove Creek Scout Reservation near Damascus, AR. More information and registration forms will be sent to you as they become available.

Summer Activities

Pack 55 does not close down during the summer. Special activities and weekly meetings are planned and boys are encouraged to remain active. Picnics, swimming, outdoor games and other activities have been held in the past and will be planned again.

Pack 55 makes every effort to send boys to the Council sponsored Cub Scout and Webelos Resident Camps held at Cove Creek in July and August. Extra parent involvement is needed. We will begin promoting this event late in the Spring as the dates become firm.

Parent Responsibilities

When joining Pack 55, each parent or adult family member agrees to support their son in the following ways:

1. See that he has the proper uniform and handbook;
2. Assist him in attending weekly Den meeting and monthly Pack meetings;
3. Work with him to complete achievements for his rank award;
4. Return information forms and permission slips as asked;
5. Support his Den Leader as a resource person or substitute as asked;
6. Agree to serve in some leadership capacity as called upon;
7. Provide input to the Den Leader or Pack leadership with regard to Pack or Den programming.